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Where to Relax In Southern Thailand

Most people will tell you that taking a vacation will allow you to relax and get away from it all, but with the amount of stress that comes with planning, making payments, and handling many other vacation-related matters, one question comes to mind: “Will you even be able to relax when you go on your trip?”

We’ll get straight to the point: you probably won’t. As vacation spots continue to grow in number every year and vacation plans become even more complicated, chances are that the stress that comes with planning a vacation won’t stop even when you’re already onboard a plane bound for your destination of choice.

No exceptions to stress Although some tourist destinations might not seem like they’re stressful, chances are you’ll end up dealing with something on your trip that might get in the way of your plan to relax, even if you’re travelling to Southern Thailand.

Whether you’re there to dive, hike, or swim at the beach, chances are that your body might go through a bit of wear-and-tear if you’re not careful, especially when you’re bringing some stress from home all the way to Thailand. However, this Southeast Asian country is world-renowned for its relaxing practices, treatments, and tourist attractions. If you play your cards right, you could move on to your next destination or return home more relaxed than you thought possible.

The best ways to relax in Southern Thailand
To help get your body and mind back in tip-top shape, here are two of the best retreat spots in Southern Thailand that are definitely worth going to. They can help you get some welcome rest and relaxation on your trip.

Sumalee Boxing Gym
This might not be the best place to go to if your body is a bit run-down from all the physical activities you’ve been doing since you got to Thailand, but you have to check it out if you’re still dragging a bit of stress around since you arrived.

As a boxing gym and yoga studio that has been bringing unorthodox relaxation to tourists and locals alike since 2011, Sumalee Boxing Gym can help anyone who walks through its doors. It gives people the chance to release their stress through kicking and punching. A typical session at the Sumalee Boxing gym starts with being taken to a cozy room with WiFi, comfortable beds, and a TV for preparation before the physical activities begin.

Aside from relaxation, Thailand is best known for Muay Thai, which is also known as the deadly art of the 8 limbs. This can be proven by the countless MMA kickboxing champions that got their start in Thailand. With flexible class hours, instructors for all levels, and killer experiences available from Monday through Saturday, tourists can enjoy Muay Thai, boxing, meditation, and Ashtanga yoga sessions for as little as 1000 Baht a day.

Vikasa Yoga Retreat If you’re simply looking for a way to relax, then taking a three, seven, or 11-day yoga retreat with Vikasa Yoga Retreat’s amazing program is definitely worth your time.

Could you imagine just how relaxed you’ll be after one day? We definitely could. Located on the stunning Koh Phangan island, Vikasa Yoga retreat has everything healthy covered, from meals to daily activities (especially with their scrumptious healthy vegan meals), a relaxing onsite pool, harmonizing workshops, and movie nights.

The star of the entire experience is being able to move from vinyasa flow, to a downward-facing dog, and right back up to a sun salutation that has you staring at amazing views of the institute’s private bay and flora and fauna. The yoga retreat price packages start at 6,934 baht, and slowly work their way up in little increments until the 11-day mark!

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