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Why You Need to Watch the Angkorn Fireshow in Phuket

When it comes to traveling, most travel goers opt for one of two types of activities. They would usually go for leisure in visiting the shopping districts, cultural centers, and urban tourist destinations or for adventure where they take part in exotic activities embracing the location’s rich culture. Phuket, which is one of Thailand’s popular travel destinations, offers sites for both adventure and leisure to those who know where to find them. One of Phuket’s most exciting lineup of attractions is the Angkorn Fireshow.

Experiencing the Angkorn fire show

Thailand’s nightlife is filled with many sights and attractions for travel seekers to find. Night shopping and bar hopping are typical attractions to people who are close to the urban districts. Not all nightlife experiences, however, are located near the city. The Angkorn Fireshow is a performance near the Rock Gardens by Phuket Beach, which is one of the unique shows in Thailand that you shouldn’t miss.

A fantastic way to embrace the night

The best way to imagine the awe and excitement you’ll feel in watching the Angkorn Fireshow is by imagining being up close and personal with a fireworks spectacle in the sky. The act is performed throughout the day near Phuket beach. Its unique selling point, however, is experiencing it at night.

End your day of lounging at the beach or shopping in the city with a breathtaking display of live fire and professional talent.

A masterful expression of training and expertise

The performers of the fire shows are trained professionals who produce a safe yet exciting show for their audience. The ancient art of fire shows for the Angkorn fire show are trained not just in traditional mediums but also with modern enhancements to improve their performance.

The dazzling display of visuals of live fire and LED lights are a unique performative combination of form. Be blown away by the fire of their choreography as these daredevils perform breathtaking feats by utilizing flame as a medium for spectacle and enjoyment.

A combination of both old and new mediums

When it comes to being introduced to a nation’s culture, the best way to experience it is by being exposed to their performing arts. The years of preserved technique paired together with modern interpretations and advancements to the development of unique forms is an excellent way to express the old history with the new people.

One recurring reason the Angkorn Fireshow is a highly recommended experience is that it elevates the traditional form of fire shows to a level unlike any other. Besides using the traditional medium of Thai fire dance, the performance is heightened with the use of LED technology to make for a spectacular experience.


Whether your idea of a holiday is a time to relax or a chance to see something new, being open to cultural performances is an activity that should definitely be on your itinerary. The Angkorn Fireshow is a culmination of years of cultural heritage to give both locals and visitors an experience that is one of a kind.

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